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‘Kalindugan’ honors Mandaya heritage

EVERY year, the Mandaya community in Sitio Sangab, Barangay Pichon in Caraga, Davao Oriental, celebrates “Kalindugan,” a local term that means “foundation”, originally observed to honor the tribe’s legal ownership and control over their ancestral lands.

Dagmay fabric featured in one of the performances during the festival

The 14,000-hectare Sitio Sangab is a unique domain as it is one of the country’s cultural communities – the first in Davao Region – included in the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title-01 or CADT-01, issued around two decades ago by the National Commission on Indigenous People’s. The CADT-01 afforded cultural groups autonomy over their ancestral territories.

Davao Oriental Governor Nino Sotero Uy Jr

Now on its 25th year, the Kalindugan highlighted the rich cultural heritage of the 13 Mandaya communities in Caraga, including Butay, Panlaisan, Caliongan, Old Sangab, Bantawon, Lanangan, Hanginan, Kawayan, Kabayugan, Lanipga, Magubahay, Danawan, and the host community of Sangab. 

Sangab showcases the mastery of its women in creating local crafts

“The Kalindugan serves as a platform for our community leaders to get together and discuss ways to preserve, protect, and promote our indigenous heritage. It is an embodiment of our resilience, identity, and unity as a Mandaya community,” said tribal chieftain Christine Banugan-Bondoc during its two-day celebration from October 26 to 27.

Mandaya chieftain Christine Banugan-Bondoc

This year’s festival centered around its theme, “Strengthening Resiliency and Unity towards Cultural Preservation and Sustainable Ancestral Domain’. Activities include a community parade, an exhibition of Mandaya dagmay weaving and other arts and crafts, a display of Mandaya cuisine, as well as authentic dance and musical performances from various Mandaya communities of Caraga. 



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