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Kahayag pushes for ‘Kingian’ principles to address Mindanao conflict

THE KAHAYAG Foundation continues to highlight “Kingian Nonviolence”, the nonviolence principles and practices based on the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for Mindanao.

During Wednesday’s Habi at Kape in Abreeza Ayala Malls, Kahayag Foundation founder Irene M. Santiago said they are building this movement on the principles of nonviolence as 2025 becomes a critical year for the Philippines regarding the upcoming elections.

“There’s the midterm elections then there’s elections in the BARMM and you can tell now that are two contending forces and we don’t know where that’s going. So there has to be a movement of citizens who are advocating nonviolent, social, and political change,” she said.

In relation to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s advocacy for equal rights, the indigenous people and Muslim groups in Mindanao are still being discriminated against and met with inequalities, she said.

“They all suffer from the same [discrimination]. When I was working in Peace 911, I had to get people out of this mindset that poverty is the root cause of the insurgency because it is not. Poverty is not the root cause,” she said.

The Kingian nonviolence contains six principles that discuss nonviolent approaches, concepts, and fundamental values. The primary aim is to resolve all conflict without resorting to violence.

Santiago added they had conducted two seminars on nonviolence last week where they trained 30 participants (university presidents, IP and Moro leaders, NGOs) in the country.


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