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IPMR selection on May 23

The selection process for the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in the city council will be on May 23, outgoing IPMR Councilor Halila Sudagar said yesterday.

Sudagar said she is thankful that the selection for the next IPMR from the Klata Tribe has materialized. The dismissal of the case of Cherry Ann Codilla, the disqualified IPMR from the Klata Tribe, paved way for the selection process.

“I have heard it was dismissed, hence, the selection process is pushed through,” she said.

Codilla filed a case before the Regional Trial Court against the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Region XI director Geroncio Aguio for disqualifying her as IPMR to replace Sudagar in the city council.

Sudagar held the position as IPMR via holdover capacity for nine months. She is running for a seat in the second district in this election.

“I do not have any background on who will be selected but I am thankful that the selection process is really pushed,” she said.

“To the one next in line, he or she should conduct public hearings. All that I was able to contribute were based on public hearings and consultations, as well. Whatever the public wants me to legislate, I do it,” she said, adding that the changing needs of the public would always call for a consultation.

Sudagar also said there is more to be done in terms of providing jobs for IPs and in fighting discrimination which is still prevalent despite efforts to raise people’s awareness on this concern.

“I owe a lot to the IP community for giving me a longer time to serve and I hope I did not fail them because I was also able to pass two landmark legislations, the Hijab ordinance and the IP alternative dispute ordinance,” she added.


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