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Int’l game developer seeks more talents in Davao City

GAME DEVELOPERS Association of the Philippines (GDAP) executive director and Leverate Bt Animation (Singapore-based company) CEO Ria Lu said they are opening animation job opportunities for talents in Davao City. 

In PIA’s virtual presser, Lu stressed the need for the country to expand the pool of creative talent in the industry, as there are massive opportunities, particularly in animation and game development. 

“We are trying to up that talent pool to get our artists, our creators, and our developers to be at that level where we can compete with the rest of the world. The only thing stopping us is the supply,” Lu said. 

She added that though the Philippines had produced and created its games that had gone into the market, increasing the supply of pool artists in the country might further elevate the competitiveness in the animation space. 

Lu also mentioned that certain levels of skills are required for the industry as this type of job will not just give job opportunities for the talents but is promoted all over the world. 

“We know that Filipinos are very creative people, pero syempre there are certain rules and bars we need to reach to be able to be competitive with the rest of the world. The game and animation industry is a global industry,” she said. 

She added that some of the good opportunities for budding artists include freelancing, establishing online asset stores, employment, and selling pre-made stuff that people could download and purchase. She also mentioned how they plan to work with the academe to produce more quality and creative artists through online workshops. 

Mandated by the Republic Act 11904, or the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act (PCIDA), “the legislation will create an enabling environment to legitimize creative work as a viable career path for current and future Filipino creatives.”

The following domains under the PCIDA law include Audiovisual, Digital Media, Creative Services, Design, Publishing and Print Media, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Traditional Expressions and Cultural sites. 



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