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Honoring my Mother: Beating the heat

Dwyane Wade Now that I have gotten your attention, this piece won’t be anything about the Miami Heat or basketball, sorry. I refer to the stifling heat of summer at the moment, and if you still insist, that might just be the closest thing to talking about hoops and your hero.

True, in summer, the allure of playing ball may be stronger among younger folks, but with vacation away from school being a full two-month stretch of what-to-dos, going away to the mountains or the beach may be the more attractive pursuits these days for anyone anywhere. The fact is, summer in this parts can be torture, and while travel to much cooler and more exotic destinations proves to be the most appealing option for the affluent and a few, having to beat the summer heat here, at the least expense, is the more intelligent alternative for us lesser mortals with limited incomes.

What are the givens? Truth is, we are right smack in the middle of a summer paradise (if there is such a thing). The city is just less than an hour away from, you name it, any mountain and seaside resort, unlike Manila, where the length of time traveling to “vacay” consumes much of any leisurely excursion. The more adventurous ones here can even do away with resorts altogether, and just opt to hike or bike up mountain trails to enjoy the breeze and the view, and then be back for supper.

Others may likewise fancy wading along the city’s coastline (go to Times Beach or visit the replica of Michaelangelo’s David) or take a 5-minute boat ride to Samal island, go snorkeling or bask in the sun like a whale. The choice seems endless, and all these of course, heard from the eager declarations of visiting family, friends, tourists, and many others.

Inspite all however, the sad truth remains that there still exists some homies amongst us who fail to appreciate what our city offers. What they fail to understand is that summers here need not be synonymous with scheduled brownouts, heat-escaping mall tours or emo feeling sorry for yourself.

The working-class heroes in everyone need their weekends too, and any highland with a splendid view or endless stretch of beach-scape can fully address your needs for that well-earned respite from your labors. Davao City is such a dream when you think of these bountiful amenities within your reach, not to mention all the fruits available.

As they all say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, what are you still doing, reading up this far? Go, Joe!


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