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Halal Expo to double attendees this year

THE 9TH Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Expo 2024 in SMX Convention Center on March 23-25 targets to double its recorded 4,000-5,000 attendees from last year’s event. 

During the PEP Talks forum on March 12, Marilou Ampuan, Philippine Halal Trade, and Tourism Expo president, shared that they closely collaborated with the World Food Expo (WOFEX) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to invite more attendees. 

“This time, we are working out to push and regularly support MSMEs to be part of this Halal, and Halal potential economy worldwide. This will be the potential right venue for us to move and attract different possible investors, to showcase our local food products and tourism services,” Ampuan said. 

Ampuan said the expo would focus on the global Halal market, tourism, and trade opportunities, and the three-day event will also be well-supported by different embassies and consulate offices based in Davao City. 

She said they are finalizing invitations from international guests such as Jakim (Malaysia), Indonesia, and Turkey, to share their best practices in the country. 

“If possible, we will invite Jakim to share their best practices in implementing the Halal in Malaysia,” she added. 

She emphasized that last year’s Halal expo had significantly increased the sales of Halal exhibitors in Davao City. 

“Based on our experience last year, our exhibitors were pleased with their sales outcome during that time. Our sales had significantly increased to 45% compared to the previous year, and we hope to increase it more this year,” she added. 

The 9th Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Expo 2024 will conduct three major activities during the event: to showcase and support MSME products, foods, and tourism services, as well as a plenary business-to-business (B2B) session. 



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