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Fractured relations

  • Davaoeños uncertain about receiving aid from China: IPO survey 


SIX IN 10 Davaoeños expressed reservations about the possible consequences of receiving loans, grants, and aid from China, particularly utilized for economic stimulus. 

The Institute of Popular Opinion at the University of Mindanao (UM-IPO) survey explained the uncertainties of Davaoeños toward receiving economic aid from China could be attributed to Davaoeños’ awareness of “broader geopolitical tensions and further concerns about China’s sovereignty.”

The survey also reported that 85.7% of the respondents expressed awareness of the longstanding economic and political relations between China and the Philippines, indicating widespread knowledge of the bilateral ties. 

Meanwhile, 53.5% to 51% of the respondents across the three districts expressed uncertainty regarding the benefits or drawbacks of hosting Chinese tourists, and 21.1% to 24.2% indicated a willingness to welcome them. 

When asked about their views regarding Chinese business investments in Davao City, 38.1% of respondents viewed them somewhat positively, and 13.9% exhibited a very positive attitude towards the said investments. 

Generally, despite the complexity of views on specific aspects of China-Philippines relations, the survey showed that Davaoeños maintained a neutral stance towards China as a country and its people, and dissenting opinions towards China were relatively scarce, revealing the nuanced and balanced outlook of Davaoeños towards the Asian powerhouse. 

The survey also explained that the mixed perceptions of Chinese investments among  Davaoeños “indicate a need for further examination of the perceived benefits and risks associated with foreign investment in local economies.”

The UM-IPO comprehensive survey conducted from April 4 to 15, 2024 seeks to gauge the sentiments of Davaoeños regarding various aspects of the Philippines’ relationship with China. It targeted 1,200 households across Davao City’s three political districts, yielding 1,176 valid responses for thorough analysis.



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