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EDITORIAL| Reflecting, repenting, rejoicing

Next week, the world quiets as the Catholic faithful step into the most sacred period: Holy Week. It’s a time spent for profound reflection, remembrance, and ultimately, joyous renewal.

Holy Week isn’t just a series of disconnected events. It’s a narrative, a story we actively participate in. We begin with Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The cheers soon fade as we enter the somber tones of Holy Thursday, remembering the Last Supper and Jesus’ betrayal. Good Friday hangs heavy with the weight of his sacrifice on the cross, a day of fasting and mourning.
But despair doesn’t have the final word. The Holy Saturday vigil, a sacred night of waiting and anticipation, culminates in the explosive joy of Easter Sunday. The resurrection, the cornerstone of Christian faith, signifies hope and the promise of new life.

Observing Holy Week allows us to truly grasp the depth of Christ’s sacrifice. By participating in special church services, personal prayer, and acts of charity, we connect with the emotional journey of Jesus’ final days. This introspection allows for repentance, a chance to acknowledge our shortcomings and recommit to living a Christ-centered life.

The significance of Holy Week transcends the individual. It’s a time for families to come together, strengthen their faith, and pass on traditions to the next generation. It’s a potent reminder of the core Christian values of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

In a world often mired in negativity, Holy Week offers a powerful message of hope and redemption. It’s a call to reflection, a chance to find solace in faith, and ultimately, a celebration of the triumph of life over death.


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