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Drug-free workplace policy launched at Coast Guard headquarters

The Coast Guard District South Eastern Mindanao (CGDSEM) launched the first ever Drug-Free Workplace Policy in the command held at its headquarters in Kilometer 10, Sasa, on Monday, Feb. 26.

Commodore Angel Viliran, commander of Coast Guard K-9 Force officiated the oath taking with commander Commodore Rejard Marfe to the personnel of Coast Guard Southeastern Mindanao  for their abidance to a drug-free workplace. 

In an interview on Monday afternoon at the sidelines of the ceremony, Coast Guard Lt Joule Artemson Visabella, legal officer of the Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao (CGDSEM) said the drug-free workplace policy is pattern in Republic Act 9165 and various policies here in Coast Guard.

Republic Act 9165- – Refers to the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. It stated the program shall detect and deter drug abuse among officials and employees. It shall conform to proper procedures as prescribed by the Department of Health (DOH). The authorized drug tests are screening and confirmatory tests.

“But what we aim to do with this localized  policy is to ensure and hammer on the fact that we have zero tolerance about drugs,” Visabella said.

“Number one here also is to raise awareness and educate not just our staff but also the families of our staff because we know drugs can destroy lives and can affect personal life,” he added.

He said there will be mandatory drug testing [on coast guard personnel].  “We have ‘one strike policy’ when it comes to that so anything or anyone who violates localized policy will also be punished according to the national law especially they will be dealt with administratively.”

When asked if the said coast guard personnel will test positive or be caught for the use of illegal drugs, he said the personnel will not automatically be removed from the service but will undergo due process that includes testing, investigation, and interviews.

“Actually the pattern is in the existing national law; we have just localized it on our own so that the Coast Guard will understand it,” he further said.


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