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Drones 7 kilos and below can be registered soon in the city

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)–Davao should train its personnel to initiate the registration of drones weighing seven kilos and below here in the city.
This was suggested by Councilor Maria Belen Acosta after receiving complaints from buyers who had to travel all the way to Manila to register their drones that weigh seven kilos above.
It is so illogical that people from Manila will dictate what will happen here, said Acosta in an interview.
“We are the one who really know the topography, geography, the people and the society here in Davao,” she added.
She said that the CAAP-Davao should immediately register drones not covered by the regulations set by the national CAAP.
The Davao Drone Society (DDS) events coordinators and enthusiast attended the public hearing where they expressed support for the planned resolution requesting CAAP-Davao to communicate with the head office regarding the matter.
The resolution is in the committee hearing level.

By Kim Adams Jamilo (JMC Intern)


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