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Davaoeños share mixed reactions on PRRD 3rd Sona

After delivering his third State of Nation Address (SONA), aired in the city through a LED setup by the city government at Rizal Park and Magsaysay Park, Davaoeños gave mixed opinions on the speech of the first Davaoeño president, Rodrigo Duterte, who is now entering the third year of his term.

First highlighted on the speech is his administration’s fight against illegal drugs, which caught international attention.

Sally, one of those who viewed the airing at Rizal Park, supported the President in his fight against drugs, saying the campaign is for the betterment of the society as it helps parents to lead their children to a better future.

However, Sally, who is in the marketing sector, said the President should have mentioned employment.

From 1 to 10, Sally, gave PRRD a rating of 8 as she believes that the president can do more in his term.

The president mentioned that he is proud on the increase of salaries among uniformed personnel.

A police officer of the DCPO said that he could give the President a rating of “11 out of 10.”

However, Jimmy, a police auxiliary, is not convinced with the statement of the President with regard to territorial dispute. He does not agree with the idea that stronger ties between China and Philippines will not affect the land dispute because China is far more superior.

Jimmy also wants that common workers, not just police or military, to get a salary increase.

However, he believes that PRRD deserves a rating of 9.
Jesse, a retiree, said the President must have given emphasis on agriculture. On Train Law, Jesse agreed that it is for the sustainability of the country.

Davaoeños are hopeful that the President will do more for the country especially for Mindanao in achieving his promises with the four years left in his term.


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