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DA-led PRDP gets satisfactory rating

The World Bank (WB) gave the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) a satisfactory rating after the 6th World Bank Implementation Support Mission on June 8, an official of the project said.

During the weekly Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape – Abreeza yesterday, Engr. Danilo T. Alesna, PRPD Mindanao deputy project director, said the rating was quite high because WB is known for implementing high standards on its projects.

“We were rated in accordance to our project development objectives,” said Alesna, pointing out that the rate scale was between poor and excellent.

The World Bank commended the project for its effective local-level planning and leveraging as it has formulated the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan (PCIP), a tool used by the provincial governments as basis in crafting their proposals.

Alesna added that LGUs and the Regional Development Councils have also adopted the PCIP mechanism in drafting their programs, particularly in investments.

The PRDP first introduced the PCIP to improve the prioritization of agriculture and fisheries projects.

A proposal must be a result of the PCIP for it to get the approval of the PRDP.

Based on the PRDP report, under the Intensive Building Up of Infrastructures and Logistics for Development Component (IBUILD), the project’s achievements included the 54% of travel time reduction, 13% hauling cost reduction, 18.9% increase in traffic, and 15.2% increase in household incomes.

Of the 390 approved sub-projects for rural infrastructure, 99 have been completed including 71 farm-to-Market Roads, two bridges, three potable drinking water systems, and 25 other infrastructure projects.

On the enterprises component, the Investments in Rural and Agricultural Fisheries Productivity Component (IREAP) came up with 16% increase in production area, 56% increase of volume of marketed output and 27% increase of income of those directly involved in enterprise development project.

In May, the bank provided the PRDP with a $170 million additional fund.


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