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Cultural Potpourri | The LCB-PAC celebrates 20th Anniversary

Depending on the circumstances, a major anniversary can put you in any number of moods. Celebratory it certainly is. In this age when everything happens so fast and nothing seems to last, it makes me marvel at the longevity of the Lu Chin Bon Performing Arts Center (LCB-PAC). Over the past month as Josie Tejada and I have been putting together a collection of newspaper accounts and pictures representing the LCB-PAC’s first two decades, we have spent a lot of time reminiscing and laughing about the good old LCB-PAC days. For indeed, the LCB-PAC was shaped by the moment of its establishment in May 1998.

Planning committee for the LCB-PAC 20th Anniversary (l-r): Yamyam Lu, Michael E. Dakudao, Chin Bon Lu, Josie Tejada

The Davao cultural scene never had it so good as when LCB-PAC was established with Lu Chin Bon and dance maestra Bing Locsin joined forces with “the vision of leaving a cultural legacy to the younger generation, especially that from the Chinese-Filipino community, in the field of the performing arts.” Indeed, Lu Chin Bon and Bing Locsin have been playing major roles in the growth of cultural entertainment in Davao City with their relentless advocacy for discovering, recruiting and training so many talented performers from both the Pinoy and Chinoy community.

Dance maestra Bing Locsin (center) with her LCB-PAC students

“For the past twenty incredible years, I have had the honor of teaching both the young and once young talents how to dance, perform on stage, and take their part responsibly in ensuring that the performing arts live on in this City. I love embracing new challenges. So when I was approached by Lu Chin Bon to establish the LCB-PAC, I could not refuse. I am extremely grateful to the leadership and business savvy of Chin Bon Lu. I thank him for making me a part of the LCB-PAC family. And what an amazing experience to work with the conservative Chinoy and Pinoy talents of Davao City. I sincerely appreciate the passion, creativity and tenacity of everyone whom I have taught and worked with,” revealed Bing Locsin.

The Lu family: Chin Bon, Cely, Janjan, Yamyam, Ranran and Harvey

“I absolutely love the dialogue I have been able to have with the talented performers over the years. I also love to learn from my students, both the young and the mature ones, and exchange ideas about a rapidly changing cultural landscape in this City. I feel truly blessed for having co-founded the LCB-PAC. Retiring and leaving LCB-PAC was difficult, but the one thing that made it easier for me was knowing I would be leaving this beloved performing arts center in the capable hands of Chin Bon Lu’s children namely Yamyam and Harvey. I am glad these two from the second generation have taken over the reins and are amazingly progressing in their hard work performed with so much love. The LCB-PAC couldn’t be in better hands to continue the legacy of my love for Musical Theater which includes Jazz, Tap, Voice, Acting, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop, Zumba and Ballet.”

“It was also during my stint in LCB-PAC when I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior that started my relationship with God, the Creator of all Creative Arts. Yamyam and Harvey Lu are pursuing God, too, and we are all blessed beyond measure.”

The dancing Lu family of Davao

“I believe that it is only by staying open to life’s opportunities that we can grow and become all that God wants us to be. My life has been truly filled with motion, and it has been an unbelievable ride so far. As I embark on my next big adventure, I cannot wait to see where God will take me,” Bing Locsin expressed. Hallelujah.

To God be the Glory on this the 20th Anniversary of the LCB-PAC. I feel proud that I am a part of this happy and God-fearing LCB-PAC family.


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