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CTTMO, PSSO all set for Parada Dabawenyo

THE PUBLIC Safety and Security Office (PSSO) and the City Transport, and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) revealed new protocols to secure the streets for Parada Dabawenyo on March 17.

During the iSpeak forum on Thursday, PSSO head Angel Sumagaysay said groups joining the parade are advised against wearing clothes resembling the uniform of government security agents to avoid confusion.

“We emphasize the airsoft groups as we observe their uniforms are almost the same as the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police,” he said, adding these groups are also banned from bringing toy guns that resemble real firearms.

Wearing black suits similar to the Scout Rangers’ uniform is also prohibited.

Sumagaysay added that insertion coming from different directions is not allowed and that participants are advised to assemble in the identified area, so the security personnel can inspect them.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office also has orders to stow away the garbage bins along the parade routes to avoid impeding the participants’ paths.

Only security personnel may use drones during the event and while backpacks may be inevitable, security personnel will strictly check each before entry. Random frisking will be enforced.

However, Sumagaysay said there have been no threats observed as per the assessment of the regional intelligence committee.

He added they coordinated with the City Tourism Office for the deployment of tourist police to assist the foreign visiting public and residents.

Apart from fixed emergency medical assistance stations, medical responders are also deployed in mobile stations located in strategic areas in the convergence points.

Due to the scorching heat, they have also requested the Davao City Water District to give out free potable water in plastic transparent bottles for the participants and the spectators.

Dionisio Abude, CTTMO head, said anti-jaywalking is suspended within the parade zone but will be applied to other areas. He added they purposely changed the parade route to C.M. Recto to showcase the absence of spaghetti wires as a result of the underground cabling project.

Abude said they deployed enough personnel to secure 45,000- 50,000 estimated spectators for the parade. Sumagaysay said there are a total of 7,050 personnel deployed for Araw ng Dabaw festivities, with an average of 415 deployed daily.


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