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Councilors air gripe vs. contractors, utility providers over delayed roadworks

LAWMAKERS pilloried delinquent contractors and negligent public utility providers during the 13th regular session on April 2. 

The session came on the heels of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) report that vehicle congestion in some parts of the city can be blamed on the contractors’ lack of coordination with the office.

The city council summoned the presence of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Davao Light, Davao City Water District (DCWD), and telecommunication companies to present before the body, updates on ongoing projects.

Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Jr. raised concerns over DCWD’s absence of signage and marshalls in excavation works.

“I have not seen any marshalls and even signage telling the public that excavation or repair is their project, ever since, I have not seen even one,” Ibuyan said.

Bag-o pa lang gani gi-semento, then sila baya ang pinakadugay mo-semento og balik,” he added. 

Eduardo Perez, CTTMO Planning Division assistant chief, responded that the water district would typically coordinate with their office. However, in instances that require urgent attention, the office gives them a 3-day leeway to apply for a permit.

Ibuyan did not rule out the request of DPWH to the Davao Light for the relocation of 993 posts since 2017, but only 90 have been relocated since the request was made.

Ibuyan told the CTTMO to consider including in their recommendation to the city council, a hefty penalty and elaborate on the issuance of citation tickets whether it would be daily or per violation, for DPWH contractors to strictly comply.

The  CTTMO traffic management board requires only a P500 fine for contractors’ drivers for obstruction of traffic flow, according to the traffic code of the city.

Councilor Angelo Mahipus said the different agencies must improve coordination and cooperation to avoid future miscommunications.

“Whatever DPWH does will eventually affect the communities, and if they do not do well, the community would not just point fingers at them but the community will also seek the intervention of local government unit,” Mahipus said.

Mahipus stressed that lack of coordination only leaves the city government dumbfounded on how to respond to the queries of the community affected. 

“There are contractors na nagcoordinate pero maraming hindi nagcoordinate, ano to? Hindi ba tayo nirerespeto? Dapat itong mga contractors kung walang respeto sa atin, hindi na dapat ito mag-negosyo sa Davao,” he added.

The councilor said he coordinated with the business bureau to secure a list of the registered contractors that have a business in the city, given that if a business is consummated in the city, there should be a permit.

Mahipus told the DPWH XI to reprimand their contractors and advise them to secure a business permit so that the city will have the power to revoke permits of the erring and non-compliant contractors.

Dean Ortiz, DPWH XI assured they will lead the coordination efforts, along with other agencies involved to address the traffic congestion.

“It would be proper for us to convene, sit down, and revisit the options on where we can improve on our coordination so as not to affect trafficking the city,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said they will coordinate with the CTTMB on the list of contractors who violated the guidelines and review the pending projects of contractors, for appropriate sanctions, if necessary. 

The DPWH XI is set to present a comprehensive report before the city council by April 30.



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