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Conditional surrender

  • Quiboloy denies hiding and demands guarantees before surrender


By Rhoda Grace B. Saron 


PASTOR Apollo Quiboloy, leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), broke his silence on April 6, denying hiding and demanding guarantees before turning himself in to authorities. 

However, he remains elusive, claiming self-preservation amid the ongoing manhunt in connection with child abuse and sexual abuse charges.

This statement comes after a three-day search by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and police to execute arrest warrants against Quiboloy and five associates. Of the named respondents, he’s the only one who remains at large.

In a 33-minute audio recording posted by SMNI on YouTube, Quiboloy maintains his innocence. “I am not hiding because I am guilty,” he said in Filipino. “I am avoiding it because I am protecting myself.”

Distrust of US fuel resistance 

Quiboloy claimed his decision not to surrender wasn’t an admission of guilt but a “divine” strategy to avoid US involvement. He alleged that US authorities intended to kill him rather than extradite him.

“I will not be caught alive,” he declared. “I will die with honor, fighting for the oppressed in this country.” Notably, he expressed willingness to die by a Filipino’s hand.


Quiboloy reiterated his accusations against the Marcos administration, alleging a conspiracy with the US in a purported assassination plot. 

He claims President Marcos agreed to hand him over to the US, suggesting recent legislative actions against KOJC are part of this scheme. Nonetheless, he offered no concrete evidence except for what he claimed was a confirmation from his lawyer.

Quiboloy also outlined the conditions for his surrender:

  • Written guarantees from President Marcos Jr., Justice Secretary Remulla, and law enforcement heads that the US won’t be involved and his safety is assured.
  • Cessation of the Senate investigation led by Senator Hontiveros into alleged KOJC abuses.

Finally, he dismissed the testimonies from former KOJC workers against him as fabricated lies motivated by money.

Quiboloy is included on the FBI’s most-wanted list after being indicted in California in 2021 for alleged sex trafficking, fraud, visa misuse, and money laundering.



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