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City to junk Kapa rally

Members of Kapa Community Ministry International Inc. can’t hold a rally in the city, the city chief safety and security officer said.

Speaking after the regular flag ceremony at the City Hall grounds yesterday, Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) chief Benito de Leon said they will not allow any group, including Kapa, to disturb the peace and order in the city.

He said Kapa did not apply for a permit to conduct the rally.

“My position is that anybody can do a rally as long as they have permits. In so far as Kapa is concerned, they don’t have permits that we have known,” de Leon said.

De Leon also called Kapa to keep the city out of its businesses as they have no office here.

“Also, Kapa does not have any offices here in the city and if these are concerns outside of the city, I hope they no longer disturb Davao,” he said.

De Leon mentioned they might engage with a talk with the Kapa founder Joel Apolinario to spare the city from any disturbances.

“But just in case, we will have to engange with a dialogue with their leader so that they do not unnecessarily disturb the peace and quiet in Davao City,” he said.

“We will make them understand that we have certain ordinances and if they cause any disturbance in the process, they will have to be answerable,” he added.

De Leon also mentioned they have the security forces ready if the Kapa will pursue with the demonstration.

“The police and other appropriate security forces are ready to ensure that the peace and quiet here is not disturbed,” he said.

Yesterday, authorities raided the Kapa office in Tagum City, Davao del Norte (see separate story).

Last Saturday, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the CIDG, the police, the special investigating teams including NBI for the closure of the get-rich-quick schemes including Kapa calling it as a form of “syndicated estafa”.


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