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City College of Davao admission now open for students

THE CITY College of Davao (CCD) is now open to accept applicants for the school year 2024-2025 from June 3 to 14. 

In an interview, college president Wenefredo Cagape said the school accommodated 320 students, and 313 were able to thrive. 

“Before they stopped, we were able to conduct home visitations among these students, and we also encouraged them to go back to school. However, due to their financial constraints, they decided to stop. Some of them also transferred to other schools,” Cagape said. 

Cagape highlighted that 90% of the students also joined the Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC), one of the components of the National Service Training Program, with 46% coming from the indigenous group. 

Among the programs offered by CCD were Bachelor of Early Childhood Education; Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship; Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education Major in Computer Programming; and Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education Education Major in Heating, Ventilating, Airconditioning, and Refrigeration Technology. 

A properly completed Application for Admission Form, PSA Birth Certificate, Recent Senior High School Report Card (SF9), or an appropriate ALS Certificate for ALS grads must be submitted by new students. New enrollees must also prove that they are low-income Davao City residents, and must additionally present a Certificate of Residency from the barangay government, their parents’ Income Tax Returns (ITRs), or a Certificate of Low Income from the Office of the Barangay Chairman. 

A Certificate of Belonging to Indigenous Peoples Group must also be submitted by applicants who are members of Indigenous organizations.

“The screening for new students will be held on June 17 to 21, enrolment for the first year will be on July 3 to 5 (new students), and for the old students will be on July 29 to 31,” he added. 

Currently, CCD maintains about 12 classrooms and regularly conducts class-shifting to accommodate 320 students. 



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