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  • Blood samples on deaths of condo couple fail to find culprit


DNA results from the Davao City Forensic Unit led the police nowhere as the blood found on the scene belonged to couple Jeff Predas and Jennifer Chavez, who were killed in a condominium along J.P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada on April 21. 

Speaking on Wednesday’s AFP-PNP press briefing at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City Police Office (DCPO) spokesperson Captain Hazel Tuazon said the blood and fingerprints collected on the sixth floor and the elevator were from the victims.

“We didn’t get any fingerprints from the third party or anyone else inside the crime scene. The blood that was found on the knife and the sixth floor was from the male victim (Predas),” said Tuazon.

Autopsy results revealed that Predas was already dead from stab wounds when he was thrown off the condominium window. Meanwhile, Chavez also sustained defensive wounds, further indicating a violent attack.

Predas was found dead on the ground floor with nine stab wounds at 5:25 a.m. on April 21, 2024. At 10:24 p.m. on the same day, Chavez’s body was found inside Room 319.

Despite the initial forensic findings, Tuazon emphasized that the investigation continues into the two persons of interest, previously identified as Clark and Ivan, both from Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. 

Clark was supposedly the female victim’s contact and the only one who had access to Room 319 where her body was found. 

Meanwhile, the DCPO asked for the families’ understanding as the delay was attributed to the DNA test results. 

“We are not shortcutting the investigation just to solve the case. We are only asking [the family] for a little time because it will not take more than a month to release the results of the DNA examination,” she said.  

She also said they submitted Chavez’s mobile phone for digital forensics that might help identify the perpetrators. 

Potential case against condo management

Meanwhile, the DCPO is also preparing to file a case against the condominium management. The case, likely for violating the amended CCTV Ordinance, could result in the revocation or suspension of the business permit and a fine of P5,000.

“The Bajada Police Station met with the city and submitted a report to file a case against the management of the condominium,” she said.


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