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Posts published by “Vic Sumalinog”

ROUGH CUTS: The real story in our story

Three years after we completed the construction of our small farm house in a village somewhere in Tugbok district, we started raising Kois, a variety…

Crisis breeds innovations

A REPORT from GMA 7’s Regional News TV the other day said that the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) based in Cagayan de Oro City…

ROUGH CUTS | God’s profound tenderness

Today is Sunday, the 5 th of July 2020. It is the 14 th Sunday in Ordinary Time of the Catholic Church liturgical calendar. The…

Nunot | Wa’y salamat sa mga Telcos?

Kaniadtong milabay nga tuig niini nga panahona ako, akong pamilya ug pipila ka mga suod nga paryente miadto sa isla sa Talikud agi ug pagdawat…

Rough Cuts | The bridge to the past and future

A few months back before the CoViD 19 pandemic this headline: “BOC, BIR to run after cigarette counterfeiters “ bannered in a local paper. That…

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