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ROUGH CUTS | ‘Troubled’ bridge over narrow creek

When then Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Director Col. Richard Bad-ang was relieved we were toying the idea that an officer we know for long would possibly be given a crack at the vacated position. Our idea became a wish when Bad-ang’s replacement was merely made temporary. Then the police official we have in mind was also replaced from his post and assigned on temporary basis at the Police Regional Office XI.

All the more that our wish for the re-assignment of the police officer to the DCPO was strengthened. But came the announcement in the papers yesterday that the new DCPO director, although he still has to assume, is Col. Lito Patay formerly from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and the Quezon City Police District.

The officer we are referring to is Col. Benedicto Faco, former Provincial Police Director of Davao de Oro. But even as Colonel Faco failed to make it to the DCPO we still hope he’d be given another assignment worthy of his qualifications and performance while still the De Oro police chief.


Talking oi the new DCPO director, we are not yet aware of the date he will assume his new post. But we are certain this time the illegal drug dealers lurking in both the dark and lighted alleys in Davao City are starting to cower in fear.

Colonel Patay need not duplicate what had happened in the city in the past many years when DCPO was under various directors. He can still achieve what the current administration is desiring to conduct its war against illegal drugs with the same effect as that of the previous terms in Davao City.

Yes, the new DCPO director need not live up to his name. From the thought of it alone the notorious drug merchants – big and small time – and the hardened criminals will surely think not just twice but many times over before they decide to do their nefarious trade.

Of course it is common knowledge that a name and an act are two different things. But these can be forced to converge when demanded by the situation. The lawmen would rather kill the criminals than be killed when the former catch the latter doing the crime and out to kill anyone who stands their way.

Again the drug dealers and criminals out there, better beware now. But of course the colonel need not worry about the possible negative implication of his surname. Just like that of Colonel Patay, our own surname SUMALINOG is oftentimes subject to jokes about being synonymous to the BIG ONE – an earthquake most feared to happen in the country. But what is in a name?


A month back we read in the local papers the plan of the City Council through First District Councilor former broadcaster Tek Ocampo to call the top officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). The purpose is to have the agency shed light on why a lot of road repair projects are done on certain streets that are still very suitable for road users. In fact there are newly concreted highways being overlaid with asphalt which projects definitely mean another huge expenses of the government. The amount used could have been made to fund other infrastructure projects.

We do not know if such intention to call the DPWH officials had materialized or not. But one thing is certain. We have not read or heard any news on such hearing. Of course it is a different story if the hearing or probe or whatever the City Council would want such activity called, was not covered by the usually nosy media either by the latter’s neglect of duty, or by the desire of the councilors concerned to deliberately conceal the hearing from the public.

Anyhow, the reason we are inquiring about it is because this kind of project by the DPWH, and even by the City Engineer’s Office, has been done since a long time ago. And the public needs to be apprised why.

This apparent lapse in the way road repair or improvement projects are done reminds us of another infrastructure project that has become a symbol of ineptitude of those who planned it.

We are referring to the 10 or 15-meter long concrete bridge that spans the creek serving as boundary of Barangays Tacunan and Catalunan Grande. The bridge has been completed almost two or three years ago. Until now however, its approaches are not yet connected to the roads on both ends.

Why has the project been implemented if, say, the government has failed to acquire the road-right of way? We too, have no doubt that the contractor of said bridge project has long been fully paid.

And if we are to suggest, it is the circumstances leading to the construction of this particular bridge and the failure to have it connected to the road despite its completion a long time ago that the City Council must investigate.

Or, are we to believe that not a single member of the City Council has passed that route going to Tacunan from Catalunan Grande? The bridge is less than a kilometer from the house of First District Congressman Pulong Duterte.


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