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APO AGUA: Tamugan River not drying up

APO AGUA Infrastructura Inc. denied allegations of causing Tamugan River to dry up due to its development activities. Instead, the company only diverted water from the project site, which won’t impact the supply.

Councilor Temujin Ocampo, the committee on the environment chair, told TIMES that Apo Agua presented its study and activities in Tamugan River during a hearing last Sept. 8.

Ocampo said that Apo Agua diverted the water from the project site and underwent a process before transporting it to the water supply. 

He added that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), which was also present during the committee hearing, confirmed that the company complied with the necessary requirements and permits to perform the diversion.

Ocampo said that Apo Agua also cited that the heavy rain the day before the water diversion widened the riverbed. However, the river continued to release the same water volume, creating an illusion that the river dried out.

The water diversion only lasted for three days from July 28-30.

Dili totally gi-divert kay part of the river naa paman gihapon tong moagi sa natural waterways, naa pud hungaw nga kung sobra [water] ang mogawas mobalik gihapon sa river (It is not totally diverted because part of the river still passes through natural waterways, there is also a hole that if too much [water] comes out it will still return to the river,” Ocampo said.

DENR confirmed during the meeting that it does not impact the water quality and no natural resources were affected. El Niño, however, has little to no effect at all with the drying up of rivers and the water level is sufficient enough for the bulk water supply.

Ocampo said the river diversion can happen from time to time most especially when the bulk water supply will be fully operational. He advised the Apo Agua to at least advise a prior notice within the community before such activity is performed to avoid causing an alarm.

The councilor aims to finalize the committee report and present it before the council by the next session. 


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