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Abella eyes standards for livestock industry

Councilor Ralph Abella has proposed for an ordinance that will set standards for the livestock industry, including the promotion of odor-free livestock raising.

Abella, committee on agriculture chair, in his privilege speech on Tuesday during the regular session said the proposal is part of his advocacy.

He said that his constituents in the Second District are complaining of the foul odors of animal wastes and discharges from backyard piggeries, poultry farms, or livestock commercial establishments.

“Studies showed that this foul or unpleasant smell can put human health at risk. It can also affect the environment through surface and ground water contamination,” he said.

His proposal encourages the livestock owners and industry to put on treatment facilities.

He also called livestock raisers to implement methods such as the use of “environmentally-friendly enzyme for animal feeding as well as the recycling of animal waste as composts.”

This, he said, is to guarantee that the wastes and discharges generated by the raisers’ activities and operations will not affect neighboring areas and the health of the people living in said communities.

Abella said the ordinance will guarantee and safeguard that livestock raising businesses and activities and will conform with existing laws, rules and regulations.

It will also promote the general welfare and protect the health of the people with thorough emphasis on minimizing, if not eliminating, foul or unpleasant odor, and water pollution.

He added that the proposed ordinance will support the growth of the livestock business, including backyard raising, through standardized management.

The city council passed the proposal on first reading during Tuesday’s regular session.


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