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HONORING MY MOTHER | The Spirits of Christmas Past

By Icoy San Pedro

IN no shape nor form has it ever lost its magic. Still, Christmas as seen from the eyes of children up through the tired orbs of the wizened, has strangely stayed the same. Adults may briefly have at times thought of Christmas as losing its touch on them somewhat as they have turned old and jaded. Nevertheless, its unique effect on all peoples, especially when they least expect it, return with a vengeance to surprise them. It is during these moments when the feel of being like children once again receiving their first gifts returns.

Such has been the mystery which surrounds this special occasion. Though borne from one religion, Christmas has still managed to turn all other faiths at pausing briefly and contemplating that a universal serenity is still possible. No fuss, just a faint moment of peace for most people.

My first-born is here from Manila to be with us for Christmas. Although he’s done this many times before, for us all, it will be  the first Christmas without our beloved Papa Ading, our father who would have excitedly welcomed the first yuletide celebration of his latest addition of great-great grandchildren. It will likewise be the second birthday of our eldest brother who has also gone before us.

Likewise for our tiny family, taking my first-born cross country to be with my partner’s relatives is another rare bonding moment for him and his younger bro, they being twin sons of different mothers, as Fogelberg describes their unique relationship.

In all, while Christmas has been unendingly commemorated throughout the centuries via more than a thousand ways and rites, its detailed honoring by different people  of all races have remained as the best among its other enduring charms. While adults have through the years veered away from their gift-receiving mindset to pass that on to their children, the latter in the future pass that on to their next gen. in a sense, it is this continuous flow, while perceived as a trivial exercise bereft of depth, that nonetheless unbreaks our sharing tendencies.

The days past Christmas welcomes the anticipation of a new year ahead; which even to ancient cultures, is perceived as both a renewal and a reawakening. Just like Christmas, this celebration of a new year has not remained the sole property of any one faith. Instead, this anticipation of thanksgiving for continued opportunities despite struggles and life’s many trials, is what keeps us forever humans; always with a gaze forward, facing what lies beyond any uncertain future.


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