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10th ID empowers women soldiers 

EIGHTEEN female enlisted personnel from the 10th Infantry (Agila) Division recently completed a five-day military vehicle driving and maintenance course, highlighting the division’s commitment to gender equality and inclusivity.

The March 18-22 training focused on the KM250 and KM450, allowing participants to operate and maintain these light tactical vehicles and cargo trucks.

The curriculum emphasized safe driving practices and preventive maintenance procedures, ensuring mission readiness and minimizing accidents.

“This course signifies our commitment to empowering all personnel,” said Major Mark Anthony Tito, 10th ID Public Affairs chief. “Equipping our female soldiers with these valuable skills expands their capabilities and strengthens the division as a whole.”

Brigadier General Febie N Lamerez, the 10th ID assistant division commander, commended the soldiers’ dedication. “We applaud their determination to excel in this training,” he remarked. “The 10th Infantry Division actively fosters an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute regardless of gender.”

This initiative aligns with the national celebration of Women’s Month, themed “We for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society.” 

 The 10th Infantry Division’s commitment to gender equality empowers its female soldiers and demonstrates a broader shift within the military towards inclusivity.


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