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Wealth and Wellness: The Rewards of Being a Family of Financial Advisors

Working as a financial advisor for Pru Life UK offers a myriad of benefits that not only enrich the lives of clients but also provide immense personal and professional growth for the advisors themselves.

Entrepreneurs Roland and Janet Ramos, along with their daughter Jilliane Ramos-Aguilar of Cagayan de Oro, embarked on a career journey with Pru Life UK.

Re-starting life with Pru Life UK

Roland and Janet ventured into the life insurance business when it was introduced to them by a family friend 18 years ago.


“It was timely when we got invited to join Pru Life UK as it was also the time when we were looking for other business opportunities, and we found insurance as the answer,” said Roland,  who, together with Janet, officially joined Pru Life UK as financial advisors in June 2006.

“We like the idea of having a business with minimal capitalization, but with more opportunities for unlimited income. At the same time, we don’t have any inventory to worry about. That was the deciding factor for us in joining Pru Life UK,” shared Janet.

Meanwhile, Jilliane joined Pru Life UK right after graduation in 2015. It didn’t take long for her parents to convince her to get into the business as she has personally seen how their lives have improved because of Pru Life UK.

“I have seen them enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with their role as financial advisors. I appreciated the business model because it is friendly to those who want to try it, whether part-time or for those who want to dive into it full-time,” she said.

Despite initial challenges, such as the industry’s novelty in the Philippines when they started, the Ramos family capitalized on their entrepreneurial experience to embrace the growth opportunities within Pru Life UK and adapt to new business approaches as well.

Overcoming hurdles

Working as a financial advisor was no walk in the park for the Ramos family. There were challenges that they had to face head-on.


“Having other traditional businesses has taught us to appreciate how to start from scratch. There is no instant success – it takes a while to grow, and get the trust and loyalty of clients. So that’s how we treat it – we gave it time, nurtured it, and gave our efforts in penetrating the market,” Janet recalled.

Having started with Pru Life UK right after college, Jilliane has her own set of challenges as well.

“For people my age then, it was quite difficult to talk about financial planning and critical illnesses because, to them, it is not a priority – there was no sense of urgency,” she added.

But throughout their ordeal, Pru Life UK was with them all the way. The company provided them a platform for continuous learning and development through training programs and resources that equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of financial planning. This not only enhanced their expertise but also kept them updated with the latest trends and developments in the financial industry.

“That also helped us address the apprehensions and queries of our clients and to really advocate that it’s important to be prepared. Team support and the guidance of my parents also helped me a lot,” Jilliane said.


The Ramoses regarded their being insurance agents as a career, grateful for Pru Life UK’s diverse product offerings and the chance to mentor and grow a team of leaders across various locations.

“Originally, it was just life insurance selling but now it has become agency building as we now have the opportunity to bring people in and help them grow as well to reach their aspirations,” expounded Roland.

Today, they now have offices in Iligan, Malaybalay, Zamboanga, Butuan, Surigao, Cebu, and Davao, with more than 60 leaders under their wing.

Reaping the benefits of financial planning

Being a Pru Life UK financial advisor allows one the potential for significant financial rewards with the opportunity to earn competitive commissions and bonuses. It also provides a lucrative career path for those who are dedicated and driven to succeed in the financial services industry.

“With Pru Life UK, we enjoy having unlimited income while still having the freedom to manage our schedules, build client base, and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients,” said Roland.

This flexibility allows Pru Life UK financial advisors, such as the Ramoses, to strike a healthy work-life balance and pursue their professional goals.

Apart from the travel incentives, Jilliane also appreciates the recognition given by Pru Life UK to their top performers.

“The company has always been very generous in recognizing our efforts. Selling is not an easy task, so being rewarded is such a satisfying experience,” she shared.

Inspiring others to become a financial advisor

“On our road to financial wellness, the most crucial thing we have is time. The time we can invest in learning and the time to apply these learnings. We can guarantee that Pru Life UK is one of the best, if not the best, businesses that we have joined as a family,” said Jilliane.

In the case of the Ramoses, working as a family of financial advisors allowed them not just to work and enjoy the incentives together but also to explore many opportunities.

“This can be a family business that can help you grow, whether individually or as a team, and we are proof of that,” Janet said with much pride.

Indeed, being a Pru Life UK financial advisor is a profession that combines passion, purpose, and prosperity, making it a truly rewarding option for those looking to build a successful career in financial planning.

“Working as a financial advisor for Pru Life UK is not just a job; it is a fulfilling career choice that offers continuous learning and unlimited income as well as the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them secure their financial future,” said Roland. Indeed.

So, are you ready to take the leap for a new career in financial planning?

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