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ROUGH CUTS | The LTO deserves public appreciation

Oh, what a reversal this one.

Yes, this time it is the pedestrian who is now likely to be facing charges of homicide through reckless imprudence.

How come when the pedestrian could have been killed if she were hit by the cargo truck traversing the C.P. Garcia Diversion Highway near the entrance of the road leading to the cargo compound of the Davao International Airport?

According to the traffic investigator’s report, the pedestrian crossed the line intended for those who would want to go to either side of the road seemingly unmindful that the traffic sign was “GO.” The truck driver though he was supposed to slow down upon approaching pedestrian crossings even if the traffic light is go, was possibly unable to see the woman crossing, or that he was too trusting that no one will violate the traffic signal.

It was too late for the driver to apply the brake upon seeing the pedestrian. To avoid hitting her the driver stepped on the brake very strongly causing the vehicle to stop abruptly. The result however, caused the truck’s cargo of sheet metal to shift forward. The movement caused the metal to hit the driver and his helper resulting to their death.

Of course the pedestrian escaped unhurt during the accident. But according to the police, she will not be alone to face the consequence of her action. Police said that they will also be filing charges against the public utility jeep driver for letting his passenger disembark on a prohibited area of the highway.

Now the woman pedestrian who we are sure, is still unable to shake off her shock on her possible near death, will have to face even more shocking experience in her life – finding herself facing a suit.
Again, this incident is something unusual. Imagine the would-be victim of a serious road accident becoming the respondent in a case of double homicide for reckless imprudence!


There is one program of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that is worthy of the public’s appreciation. We however, have no idea if this program is done on a national scale or simply by the LTO Davao Region only.

This program is LTO’s bringing its primary services to the grassroots level – to the far-flung barangays. And to think that it is some kind of a “One-Stop-Shop” service delivery for those who would want to apply for a driver’s license starting from the process of acquiring a Student Diver’s Permit.

The latest edition of this LTO Outreach program was conducted in Barangay Talandang, Tugbok district some 31 kilometers inland from the city proper. The activity lasted for two days including the holding of a seminar educating the driver-applicants of their responsibilities in the road and to their riders.

The LTO also engaged the services of doctors who conducted physical check-up on applicants as well as examine the eye sight of would be drivers. With the prevalence of tricycles and single motorbikes used to ferry passengers from the rural areas to the nearest market centers, the LTO may have noted the growing number of persons driving these vehicles without the necessary license. After all barangay roads leading to rural areas especially those in the highlands are seldom patrolled by traffic law enforcers. If there are the most that they stay is half or one hour.

With the LTO Outreach program many are given the opportunity to process their driver’s license application at almost without cost except for photocopying of documentary requirements.

And yes, applicants are encouraged to buy a copy of a Driver’s Handbook. Yes, it may cost not so much an amount but if what are provided in the manual are put to use by the drivers after getting their license, it will be bringing more benefits that the drivers and their families could imagine.
So, again we congratulate the LTO for implementing such a very laudable program.


Leaders of the Liberal Party and many Partylist groups in the House specifically those of the Makabayan bloc hold no brake in expressing their getting aghast at the statement of some personalities in the Duterte camp that newly residged Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Vice President Sara Duterte will now be the new leader of the opposition to the current administration.

One of those very vocal on her party’s protestation to the supposed Sara’s rise as the new opposition leader is recently acquitted former Senator Leila Delima who said that the Sara group does not have the track record of a real opposition, The once incarcerated former senator for her alleged involvement in the New Bilibid prison-based drug trade even made a litany of the sins and omissions of the acknowledged brain behind the attack on the current government – former President Duterte.

But there is one thing that we are certain. The two groups wanting to be acknowledged as the true opposition could be having different interpretation on what or who should be considered the Opposition. Will it be the one who seems to focus opposition to the person heading the administration in power; or the one offering alternatives to what it considers the administration’s wayward policies in running a truly democratic government?

And which of the two groups calling themselves the “opposition” belongs to either of the two Opposition “kuno’?

Pick your choice.


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