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Proof of life

  • Former president debunks health rumors on Facebook Live 


FORMER President Rodrigo Duterte addressed the nation through a live Facebook video on June 20, 2024, to dispel rumors about his health circulating on social media.

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, who joined Duterte in the live stream, urged social media users to refrain from spreading false information about the former president’s health.

“It’s not true, he’s alive and well,” Go said while showing Duterte on camera.

Duterte, in his address, assured the public that he is in good health and has no plans of dying anytime soon.

“My fellow Filipinos, how are you all? I’m old, and you can’t avoid rumors that I’m sick. But I’m not sick, and I don’t feel like I’m going to die anytime soon,” he said.

“I’m here at home, with Bong. I’m retired now. Show them, Bong, my small house. It’s just housing. I’m just here relaxing and greeting all of you, a good day to all Filipinos.”

Go then emphasized that the rumors about Duterte’s death are false. “Those who are spreading these rumors, don’t spread bad news. He’s alive and kicking. Of course, former President Duterte is getting old, but he’s relatively healthy for his age.”

“You know, I’m old. I served you for the longest time as mayor for several years, as president. Don’t be surprised if I die. It’s better to ask why I’m still alive. Why don’t I just retire? I’m old, and that’s what…but you hear the news, they’re gossiping that I’m going to die. We will all die, you, me, everyone in this world,” Duterte said.

“I’m no exception. I’m old, and I’ve served my whole life, for the country, for the Filipino people. Thank you for your help and encouragement in the past, that’s why I was able to do it, I fought everything, especially crime,” he added.

“I’m done. I’m retired now,” he further said.

Go repeatedly assured the public that Duterte was in very good health. “For me, in my commitment to him, especially his medical care, I will never abandon our President Duterte until he can no longer receive medical care, and I will not abandon our President Duterte until death. That is my commitment to him, and I love him very much,” he further said.

“Ask me what my advice is for you, and for your children, and your grandchildren, it’s just one thing: ‘Just do what’s right. You don’t have to talk about it. You know what’s right. Do what’s right,'” Duterte said.


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