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Philippine Society of Nephrology hosts Kidney Day Event at SM City Davao

By: Onin Miguel Develos & Katrina Sanchez / AdDU Interns

AS PART of National Kidney Month, the Philippine Society of Nephrology-Mindanao Chapter announced they will host a Kidney Day event this Friday, June 28 at SM City Davao, during the DOH XI media forum.

The theme given for this year’s National Kidney Month is “Malusog na bato, abot kamay ng bawat pilipino, sama-samang pagtutulungan kalusugan ng bato ay ipaglaban.” This initiative aims to highlight the importance of kidney health and to avoid kidney diseases such as chronic kidney disease.

CKD is a global public concern that affects 9.1-13.4% of the population.  Alarmingly, there is 35.94% of cases in the Philippines, which is higher than the global rates, they added.

Nephrologist Dr. Alrick Escudero said CKD is a large health problem throughout the country but is easily preventable through regular screenings and managing blood pressure and diabetes which are the main causes of kidney diseases.

Cases of end-stage renal disease are increasing which caused a 10% increase in dialysis, Nephrologist Dr. Rachel Pableo Equivel explained.

She added that possible factors include undiagnosed symptoms, lack of proper education about Kidney health, and late treatments.

Moreover, Dr. Escudero identified the following as CKD causes: hypertension, diabetes, and glomerulonephritis – with undetected diabetes and hypertension being the major causes, along with lifestyle choices.

Dr. Equivel emphasized the importance of caring for one’s kidneys and suggested the usage of the 8 golden rules: drink water, eat vegetables and fruits, avoid fatty food, exercise 150-150 minutes a week, have regular checkups, take pain relievers cautiously, and manage obesity to maintain overall health.

“This will help serve as a reminder to all of us and our participants that kidney health is very important to avoid complications,” she said.

DOH XI plans to host various activities and booths to boost kidney awareness. 

Registration for Kidney Day will start 12 p.m. at SM City Davao. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in the event.


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