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Mindanao Times

Random Thoughts | Vote Wisely: Choose Good Leaders

“Filipinos deserve more local leaders who are, at the very least, competent, trustworthy and not corrupt.” (Dindo Manhit, “The leaders we need at the local…

Timesman: My new world

Illinois, USA –  While preparing this article, the weather temperature at this moment is 67F (19 Celsius in the Philippines). This is my first direct…

Hurt Wushu athlete sent to hospital for evaluation

A-17-year-old Wushu athlete was brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center yesterday after complaining of severe pain. The teen was billeted at the Calinan Central…

Release of sky lanterns, balloons now outlawed

The City Council passed on final reading the ordinance banning the release of balloons and sky lanterns in the city during yesterday’s regular session. The…

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