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Mindanao Times

Survey: Davaoenos smoke the most

In a city modeled for its anti-smoking law, male residents smoke the most, a recent survey said. In a recent study conducted by PhilCare, a…

Honoring my Mother | Children as life’s gauge

There could be truth in the belief that maturity does not really come with age, but with accumulated experience. Reason is, if we believed that…

Editorial | Mitigating floods

Heavy rains last week rendered so many residents homeless in specific areas of the city, including barangays in the highlands. The floods were quite traumatic…

Damosa earns P1-B from Seawind’s 3 towers

Homegrown company Damosa Land Inc. has earned about P1 billion from the three towers of its condominium project Seawind, a top company official said. Ricardo…

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