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New PRO XI director vows to ensure transparency, faithfulness to core duties

BRIGADIER General Nicolas Torre III assumed the post as the new Police Regional Office XI (PRO XI) director in a ceremony officiated by Major General Benjamin Silo Jr., commander of Area Police Command- Eastern Mindanao on Sunday, June 16.

Torre replaced the newly installed Brig. Gen. Aligre Martinez who was relieved 45 days after swearing in as the PRO XI chief. 

He said his top priority is the PNP mission and the PNP shall enforce the law for the safety and secondary will be the other issues.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the trust and confidence that has been given to me. I’m fully aware of the controversies over here. I do hope that I’ll be accounted for in the resolution of the things that need to be resolved,” Torre said. 

He said being assigned to PRO 11 is very “heartwarming.” 

“Assuring that we can achieve the mission that will have a PNP that is supportive to the people,” he added.

Focus on core duties and transparency

General Torre outlined his priorities, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) core mission: enforcing the law to ensure public safety and security. 

 He also committed to replicating the successful 3-minute police response policy he implemented in Quezon City.

Transparency was a key theme in Torre’s address. He acknowledged the recent controversies surrounding PRO XI and expressed his hope to contribute to their resolution.

3-Minute response policy implementation

Torre, credited with developing the 3-minute response policy, plans to implement it in Davao City first, and then expand it throughout Davao Region. He emphasized the importance of rapid response times and pledged to evaluate the effectiveness of this policy in the region.

“I will be trying to replicate it here in the Davao City first and Davao region in general,” he said in a press conference with the media on Sunday noon at the Bagani hall in PRO XI headquarters.

“Let’s see if kayo ay nag dials ng emergency hotline number namin we can be there beside you in 3 minutes or maybe in a reasonable time or 3 minutes or less,” he further said.

Experience and collaboration

General Torre highlighted his extensive experience working in various locations throughout the Philippines. He expressed confidence in collaborating with existing PRO XI personnel, many of whom he has worked with previously. He also plans to continue ongoing communication and electronic service projects they have done in the headquarters.

Support from Area Police Command

Major General Benjamin Silo Jr., commander of Area Police Command- Eastern Mindanao, expressed his confidence in Torre’s leadership, citing his vast experience. He assured the public that the PNP is well-equipped to handle complex situations and adapt to challenges.

Silo emphasized that any current issues within PRO XI will not hinder their core duty of enforcing the law and delivering justice. 

He added that strategic adjustments will be made to address these issues effectively.

In his message, Silo expressed confidence that Torre would be faithful to his work. 

“Nic has mentioned to you about the incident last week. You know it’s not new to the PNP, our constitution has been countering much more difficult challenges in the past, ” Silo said. Adding that “Mind you our institution knows how to deal with it and how to respond properly. Ultimately these issues made us a stronger institution.” 

“I would like to assure everybody that the PNP knows how to make some adjustments so that it can tailor with the challenges in prompting the institution,” Silo said. 

“And finally, I would like to assure everybody that whatever the issues with the different units of PRO 11 this will not prevent us from properly enforcing the law and delivering justice for people who have been seeking it,” he further said.


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