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Mindanao Traders Expo 2024 set on July 25-26 at USEP

THE MINDANAO Traders Expo is scheduled this coming July 25-26 at USEP gymnasium, highlighting financial trade markets and improving financial literacy among Filipinos. 

During the AFP-PNP press forum in the Royal Mandaya Hotel on June 3, financial educator Joseph Lejarde of Anzo Capital Philippines, said, “Aside sa financial markets, hindi lang siya about sa trading lang, lahat po nang pertaining sa finance industry is kasali doon,” Joseph Lejarde said

The Traders Expo will showcase the perspective of a financial investor compared to an employment mindset.

Ang mga mindset ng pinoy kay paghuman ug graduate kay mangitag trabaho. Employment mindset. Diri, ginatudluan ta ano yung other perspective. Ano ba ang mga career path opportunities when I want to trade or invest in the financial market?” Lejardo stated.

Joseph Lejarde talks to reporters during the AFP-PNP forum at The Royal Mandaya Hotel on June 3. BY ONIN DEVELOS / ADDU INTERN

The event will feature and highlight real-life practitioners from various sectors such as the stock market, forex exchange, and cryptocurrency in Mindanao. They will also feature speakers from the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Unit and an NPC regional director to discuss how to combat scams and online scams in the digital world.

Organizer Max Ginez envisions making Davao City an educational center in the Philippines for financial literacy, leveraging the expertise of experienced traders in Mindanao. 

Ang vision ni Max Ginez is what if in the long run ang Davao City maging educational center in the Philippines? Kasi mostly ang ginahighlight na expert na traders ay sa Manila. Daghan experts diri sa Mindanao pero dili siya gina highlight. Mao nabuo ning Mindanao Traders Expo para yung mga experts sa field na from Mindanao is ma highlight,” Lejarde stated.

Lejarde noted that the country’s financial market is still in its early stages where only 2% of the population is financially literate and actively invests.

“We are projecting mga Millennials and Gen Z na investors rin not in Davao City but the whole philippines na mag participate sa financial market. We are aiming na marami or dumami ang mag participate sa financial market. Iyan ang target ng Mindanao Traders Expo,” Lejardo said.

The registration for the expo is free and open to everyone.


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