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HONORING MY MOTHER | Next level tomorrow

One might have noticed that it’s once again at this time of the year, that similar scenes inside restaurants, malls’ convention centers, photo labs and studios are played involving small groups of people surrounding a beaming school graduate. During our last scheduled gig at a local pub even, a long table was reserved in front of the stage, to be later filled with family, friends and classmates, while a petite young graduate silently presided over their whole night celebration.

With the variety and selection of wraps and colorful flowers in the hands of the graduates I saw in one city center for example, you’d guess right up, it is most certainly a much-awaited business boom time for florists and corsage makers alike. Ever since the old days, practically all school entrances that had graduation ceremonies were always, without fail, lined with waiting flower peddlers hawking their wares before incoming parties. I reckon only Valentine’s Day and Novembers one and two could match the huge flower orders at this time of year.

However, if we could only dwell below the surface of this happy period, this very passage or end of a brief journey in every person moving forward is only betrayed and splayed with accounts of struggle and hardships which had taken them to get where they are now. Thus, it’s victory in the real sense. Sadly, it doesn’t end there.

The question remains, what’s ahead for graduates, after all the triumphant marches and celebrations are over and done with? Sobering as the days after might be, there’s so many ways to go and the choices appear endless, if one had the aptitude for it. the more practical one, could go ahead and practice what they’ve studied for. Others could start a business while some could go “follow their dreams” whatever these may be. The bottom line however is still simply, set out and find one’s self a job. Technically, you’re on your own. For some, especially those who’ve just waltzed through school with nary a plan, it’ll clearly feel like one’s suddenly pushed the door and facing for the first time, the stark reality of the real world out there.

This brings to mind a recollection of one recognition ceremony for honor students at one uni a few years ago. A speaker from the alumni, while at first, talked about her old days and experiences during her stay, gradually issued what to me was a direct challenge to the graduating honor class. She said quite plainly, “Stop following the mold created by others and always strive to create your own.”

At this, I thought, it might seem out of place but this couldn’t be any truer. It’s much easier today for many to just simply run through the motions or skim at the surface to just survive with mediocrity at work, as long as you’ve got just enough of what it needs to cope. For some, it’s merely to follow the trend because that’s where it’s at, and original thinking had indeed become so rare, it’s almost like an endangered species. In brief, if schools were once dubbed as diploma mills, are we at present, becoming clones with gadgets in a long industrial line?


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