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DOST-PCIEERD supports Tagum City-based AI-driven construction platform AIMHI in boosting local talent

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence (AIMHI) is revolutionizing the construction industry in the Philippines by leveraging local software developers. This initiative aims to transform the industry and seeks to cultivate local talent by showcasing opportunities within local tech start-ups, challenging the traditional route of working for foreign companies.

Cherryanne Lee Angoy, Founder and CEO of AIMHI Construction Application, discussed the challenges faced in finding local talent.

“Finding local talent within our budget constraints proved challenging. The compensation we could offer often fell short of expectations, leading many candidates to decline our offers. To overcome these hurdles, we utilized academic networks for referrals, enhanced our online presence, and leveraged industry connections,” she explained.

AIMHI, the developer of the first Philippines-based AI-driven construction profit management platform, secured a P4.3 million financial grant from the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) and Accenture. This grant has been instrumental in refining their software and building a robust team.

In collaboration with local universities and government-backed tech incubation programs, AIMHI has enhanced its software and cultivated a strong team.

“Our strategy combines grassroots talent engagement with some technical training, equipping our team with the necessary skills to thrive,” Angoy added.

The search for skilled employees for AIMHI has been challenging due to competition from foreign companies. However, with the support of schools and local startup networks, AIMHI has successfully harnessed local talent.

Angoy emphasized the importance of the DOST-PCIEERD grant, which allowed AIMHI to expand its reach, capacity, and exposure.

“I am grateful that we have been a recipient of the grant because not only have they supported us financially but also connected us with industry partners that provided monitoring and capacity-building platforms, guiding us toward achieving our roadmap for 2023-2024,” she said.

AIMHI’s innovative platform has already made a significant impact on the industry.

Engr. Gracell Renz Alagon of DPL Construction Services attested to its transformative impact. Since adopting the platform in June 2023, DPL has noted marked improvements in project management efficiencies.

“AIMHI has revolutionized how we schedule and monitor our projects. It proactively alerts us to critical tasks, ensuring we stay on track and avoid costly delays,” he explained, highlighting the platform’s role in boosting profitability by enhancing scheduling precision and centralizing crucial data for easy access.

Angoy hopes that AIMHI’s success in the Davao Region will spread nationwide, making this game-changing technology available to Philippine contractors of all sizes.

“As we bring our construction innovation from the Davao Region to the rest of the country, we hope to bring more local talents around the Philippines, advocating great opportunities that local companies offer, especially in AI and technology-driven construction industries,” she stated.

AIMHI’s journey demonstrates the potential of combining artificial and human intelligence to drive industry transformation while nurturing local talent, proving that local tech startups can thrive and compete on a global scale with the right support.


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