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Colonel Rosete-Manuel honored with prestigious Santa Barbara Award

COLONEL Rosa Ma Cristina Rosete-Manuel, the assistant chief of Unified Command Staff for Communications, Electronics, and Information Systems (ACUCS for CEIS), U6, was awarded the Honorable Order of Santa Barbara during the 126th Philippine Artillery Anniversary held at Fort Andres Bonifacio on June 27.

The award recognizes Manuel’s outstanding contributions to the advancement and development of artillery within the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). 

She was specifically acknowledged for her instrumental role in writing and publishing the Philippine Army Artillery Doctrine in 2020 and her involvement in developing another joint interim manual. It is an annual recognition of Philippine Artillery through the Artillery Foundation of the Philippines Inc. during the anniversary celebration.

“I am deeply honored and profoundly humbled to accept the award of the Honorable Order of Santa Barbara,” said Manuel in her acceptance speech. 

“This recognition holds immense significance for me, not only as an individual but also as a testament to the collective efforts and achievements of all those who have supported and guided me throughout my journey.”

Manuel thanked the Artillery Foundation of the Philippines, the Army Artillery Regiment, and her mentors for their unwavering support and belief in her capabilities. 

She dedicated the award to all the men and women serving in the AFP and pledged to continue her efforts in advancing the field of artillery.

The Honorable Order of Santa Barbara is a prestigious award given to active and retired Artillery personnel in the AFP who have made significant contributions to the development of artillery as both a science and an art.

 It is also awarded to individuals who demonstrate exemplary character, professional competence, selflessness, and dedication to the promotion of the Artillery.


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