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Editorial: Run, just run

Marathons have become a feature in many festivals and other celebrations across the country. Over the years these events have drawn thousands of participants, some even shelling out hard-earned money for hotel and travel for the sheer excitement of competing with other runners. As the popularity of running as a sport and pastime grows, the number of running teams has also increased. In short, running has become religion.

Rough Cuts: Something to remember

Well, here is one warning that Davaoenos must heed.

And we mean this policy adopted by the City government of Davao, possibly as part of its effort to help implement Republic Act 10586 or the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Law in the city. The policy which is now inscribed in huge streamers posted in strategic locations of the city is: “Drive drunk, met accident, no Lingap.” Meaning, if a motorist meets an accident on the road and is found under the influence of liquor or other toxic substance while driving, his family cannot expect any medical and other related assistance. This really is a chilling warning especially for those who belong to the marginalized sector of the city’s population.

Honoring my mother: Friends and other people

I had lots to think about after a recent meeting with friends, some I haven’t seen in years, forty or more, to be exact. I swear, I am now a firm believer in that particular theory which states age and the concept of years as nothing but man-made constructs. As proof, we retold stories of shared experiences in college and it still felt like they just happened yesterday. All throughout the evening, the image of old Legos bolting-in played in my mind as we recalled clips of times together in school. Rejuvenated old girls and boys, playing with old toys. Ageless.

Editorial: Preparedness is key

Last week, the regional office of the Department of Agriculture reported that about P55.3 million in crops were destroyed as the start of the dry spell this year.

Timesman: To name or not to name

Whether to release a list of politicians allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade so the public may know should not be much of concerned as the Constitution recognizes the right of the people to information on matters of public concern, especially when this affects their lives and welfare.

Rough Cuts: Unjustly attributed inaction

Last week the most reported issue over national television news program and broadsheets other than the usual bloody anti-illegal drugs campaign was the one on government operating on a re-enacted budget.

Editorial | The Datu Bago Awards

The 49th conferment of the Datu Bago Awards is one of the major events of the 82nd founding anniversary of the city. The city honored yesterday the five outstanding Dabawenyos…

Nunot: Mora’g dunay gi-eksperimento dinhi

Sayo nga nagmata akong Misis kagahapon sa kaadlawon kay nag-andam sa mga dalhunon sa akong anak nga dunay mahinungdanong lakaw ngadto sa Lupon, Davao Oriental. Seguro mga alas 3:30 pa kadto. Ug sanglit wa na ko makatulog og balik nagtempla na lang ko og kape dayon duol sa nahimutangan sa akong kompyuter aron susihon kon duna ko’y mga bag-ong e-mail nga nadawat.

Editorial: The Narrowing Gender Gap

Naawan, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews) – March 8 is declared by the United Nations as the International Women’s Day. The historic basis was March 8, 1917, the day when women in…

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