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Honoring my mother: For the win

I had mixed feelings of envy and delight when I saw friends post selfies while they watched the recently concluded Ironman triathlon last weekend.

Family Life | Build strong family relationships: Handling conflicts

No relationship goes deeper without conflicts. Our selfish nature, tendencies to self-protect, expectations of another, differences in thinking, values, outlook, personality, and many others could lead to hurts, disappointments, conflicts. The deeper the relationship, the deeper is the hurt and the impact of the conflict, especially if the cause of the conflict goes unresolved. The home actually could be a good training ground for conflict management and resolution, instead of breeding ground for unhealthy and damaged relationships because conflicts have not been faced well nor resolved.

Editorial: Sustainable fashion

Water is a precious resource and yet, our consumption patterns point to the fact that we have no qualms in wasting it in this throw-away culture of ours. Our lifestyle has to be examined before we lose our finite resources. Fashion is seen as one of the factors that impacts global water supply. The fashion industry is considered by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), to be the second most polluting industry in the world, pushing 10 different UN organizations to establish the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, launched during the 2019 UN Environment Assembly, Nairobi this month.

Rough Cuts: An even race for 2 ex-barangay chiefs

After the resignation of then Davao City Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte, several names, mostly those of barangay captains, were floated as likely to be recommended as replacement. Among the names mentioned were those of barangay captains Ramon “Abay” Bargamento III, Bebot Clarion, and Glenn Escovilla.

Editorial: Tales told at breakfast

Every morning without fail, a group of friends defying age, profession and gender, enjoy breakfast at a deli in Matina for a couple of years now. Here, there is no friend nor foe, or ideas too bizarre or complex to explore. The company is always in a flux as artists, journalists, businessmen and retirees stay awhile, shooting the breeze on anything under the sun – arts and culture, the changing weather, the whale that choked on 80 pounds of garbage, traffic, plastic use, and everything going on in the city while having a nice cup of coffee and a choice of chorizo or corned beef with rice. At the center of this expanding table is Dinky Munda, artist, businessman and historian, by virtue of his rich memories of the city and its people.

Rough Cuts: One school with zero teacher items

We believe that the Department of Education (DepEd) should look into this school situation very seriously. We mean the situation of Talandang National High School in barangay Talandang in Tugbok District, Davao City.

Timesman: I want to be a pilot

The Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) commitment to embrace “internationalization” of the colleges and universities under its supervision as well as the vibrant student exchange program in the country’s higher learning institutions seems to be aligned with my plan for my youngest son on the course he’s to take in college.

Honoring my mother: Food for thought

It had been a few months since I last heard Sunday mass in the little chapel of our subdivision. Back then, we have decided to go downtown for church because from there, we would be much closer to my father’s place, whenever we visited him over the weekend.

Rough Cuts: PLDT is not communicating

Sometime in late 2016 (Or was it early 2017?), the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) through a service provider, started erecting poles and stringing lines from Calinan going to Barangay Talandang in Tugbok District via Barangay Talomo Riverside and Barangay Biao Joaquin, both in Calinan District.

Rough Cuts: A dark horse in the senatorial race

We have it from highly reliable sources — from insiders actually — that some professors in a well-known school in the city which is a part of a national education system, are distributing a book to their freshmen college students for reading. And then the students are asked by these professors to give their reactions on the book contents.

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