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Rough Cuts: Bastardizing the Constitution

We congratulate the officials of Sta. Ana Multi-purpose Cooperative (SAMULCO) for maintaining the coop’s being an apolitical organization.

Honoring My Mother: Island-hoping in stormy weather

The day before, each and every one had already been prepped as could be, with all assigned tasks accomplished, and the checklist completed. The snacks and drinks had been packed, with the rice and the food, meant for breakfast on the boat, still to be cooked in the wee hours before our launch time. Nevertheless, all things pointed to a One Big Go… until we converged at the wharf for our much-anticipated boat ride.

Editorial: Spare the poor

Pupils and students, with their parents in tow, will march or have marched on their school stages and multipurpose centers to close the latest chapter in their studies.

Timesman: Rehabilitation or reclamation?

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Epimaco Densing assured the public that the ongoing rehabilitation of Manila Bay is not a reclamation project that would favor businessmen but because scientists know that it can still be revived and its ecosystem restored.

Editorial: Joys of summer

With summer in full swing, children and the youth who are enjoying a respite from school try to make the most out of these months to travel to new places, explore resorts or enjoy a vacation in the homes of relatives. We cram activities during summer to wean children who are hooked to computers or TV for most of the year. Summer is a time for growing up, a season for stacking memories.

Nunot: Labing init nga isyu karon

Sama sa akong naandan matag gabi-i mag-abli ko sa akong e-mail aron pagsusi kon duna ba’y mga mensahe nga gipadala sa ako-a.

Human manihapon kaniadtong milabay nga Miyerkoles sa gabi-i nagtempla ko ug kape. Ang akong gitimpla mao ang kape nga gikan sa Benguet hinatag sa akong anak nga babaye nga nagtrabaho sa Hedcor, Inc. nga di pa lang dugay ning-adto didto sa ilang planta sa Ampohaw.

Timesman: Okay na, wala nang gulo!

I am not ignorant of what politics is. I was elected as a councilman (kagawad) in the first barangay elections in the late 70s when the Marcos military was rampaging against those who opposed the regime of the dictator.

Editorial: Planet in crisis

We seem to be bent on destruction. According to the World Wildlife Fund, we are ‘destroying forests, choking the oceans with plastic, decimating wildlife population sizes, and causing devastating changes to the climate. Wildlife population sizes have plummeted by 60% in less than 50 years. One in six species is at risk of extinction because of climate change. There could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050. We lose an area of forest the size of a football pitch every two seconds.’

Rough Cuts: The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act

Indeed some people are quick to take advantage over others if they find opportunity. And sadly, most of these people are those with criminal intentions against others. Even laws that are crafted with the specific purpose of protecting every citizen become better opportunity for criminals to hide their identity when committing heinous crimes like assassinations and robbery hold-ups.

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