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Posts published in “OPINION”

Egalitarian | Values and deferential equilibrium

Deferential equilibrium is a term used by Hirofumi Uzawa, a theoretical economist, to describe the unabated emission of carbon dioxide of countries even though countries knows for certainty that it…

Random Thoughts | The Sulu Sultanate per justice Rasul

“The etymology of the term ‘Sultan’ is used for a King, an Emperor, a Sovereign, a Datu, Panglima, a Raja or Maharaja. Unlike the Hindu titles “Raja” or “Maharaja’ or…

Honoring my Mother | Just this

While stuck in Matina’s traffic jam, a child of no more than 10 years entered the jeepney I was in and deftly placed little white envelopes on each passengers’ laps.…

Rough Cuts | Why shorelines, sidewalk squatters remain

Now we know why despite pronouncements of prohibitions of this and that activity to be undertaken in specified areas in Davao City most often than not the restrictions are ignored.…

Nunot | Pag-umangkon gusto’ng madato ug dali

Human manihapon kagabi-i mitiwas ko ug paminaw sa balita sa paborito nako nga sibyaanan sa telebisyon. Pero pagkataudtaod nagtempla ko ug kape nga 3-in-1 kay mas dali. Ako ning gidala…

Honoring My Mother | Digital Lullaby

Last night I fell asleep with the electric fan pointed directly at my face, a realization that I guess accounted for a feverish feel upon waking up. It’s all good…

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