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Timesman: “Askal’s” approach!

The current vehicle I am driving is still sporting a temporary plate since I bought it from Toyota in 2016. Still having a temporary plate is not my fault but by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) who failed to release me a permanent plate.

Honoring my mother: Family time in paradise

Catching up with family members that you have not seen in a long time is always an agreeably appealing experience, more so when magnified by a happy and rare occasion.

Family Life | Build Strong Family Relationships: Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts, if left buried, ignored, dismissed, or unsettled, could create emotional distance, dull the relationship, and even bring about depression in some cases. In family relationships, one needs to learn not only to manage the conflicts that come every so often, but to also resolve the conflicts well as they come. It is so much better to live life with the ones you love with enriching, deepening, and growing relationships. Resolving conflicts is one of the stepping-stones to accomplish this.

Editorial: Poe on top of Senatorial survey

This is the time of political surveys and polls. The TIMES received results of a nationwide survey conducted by the Issues and Advocacy Center (The Center) on senatorial preferences which, according to them, was conducted on March 24 – 30, 2019 with some 1,800 respondents that cut across all demographic lines and has a confidence level of 98% and a margin of error of + 3%.

Timesman: I ‘killed’ my own mother

Every time I hear of the death of someone known to me for quite a time, my first reaction is, to be brutally honest to my readers and the bereaved families, not one of shock. Maybe because I also experienced having deaths in my own family – my parents, brothers, and sister, and even my wife. I am the lone survivor, to say the least.

Rough Cuts: The plight of oil-producing palm farmers

Late last week we wrote about the pitiful plight of small coconut farmers who are now reeling from the exceedingly low farm gate buying price of whole coconut fruits. We tackled the inaction of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) in helping the coconut farmers see through this time of the lowest low of the coconut production industry.

Editorial: A threatened planet

Since we live in a global community, the need for concerted action to push things forward is the order of the day. The state of our environment and the changing climate are life and death reasons for countries to work together for the planet’s survival.

Rough Cuts: Make the site a relocation area instead

In the Davao Region, a combined group of upland residents mostly indigenous people (IPs) and traditional farmers, former communist rebels, supported by peace advocates, has called on the government for protection from atrocities allegedly perpetrated by New People’s Army (NPA) rebels.

Timesman: Fake news on April fools

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) noted the proliferation of fake news in the midterm elections as it considered this will be “problematic” as the May 13 election is almost here.

Editorial: Summer calls

There’s no such thing as summer in the Philippines. What we think we have refers to the hottest period of the year, between late March or early April and May. Pinoys, however, love to take a bite of everything that sounds Western, the inappropriate way of calling this season has stuck.

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