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BDO boosts customer experience with digital upgrades, branch expansion

BDO UNIBANK, Inc. (BDO) makes its financial services more accessible to a broader segment of the Filipino population through its strategy of combining digital and physical banking channels seamlessly. This move reflects BDO’s efforts to meet the evolving needs and behaviors of its clients.

By combining the strengths of its extensive branch network with innovative digital platforms, BDO ensures that all customers, regardless of their location or technological proficiency, can access essential financial services.

The Bank has invested significantly in its mobile app and online banking platforms, offering user-friendly interfaces, enhanced security features, and a wide range of services including fund transfers, bill payments, and merchant payments, among others.

During the recent PRISM 2024 Business Student Conference hosted by National University, Atty. Federico Tancongco, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at BDO Unibank, Inc., expressed that many Filipinos still prefer to conduct transactions in bank branches. This preference highlights the need for a balanced approach that accommodates both digital-savvy clients and those who favor in-person banking experiences.

“We have to make our products responsive to the needs of the people we are trying to reach. Being present in communities through our branches and agents allows us to better understand our clients. We are physically present in 92% of the country’s municipalities. We are also expanding our presence online,” said Tancongco.

Physical branches remain a cornerstone of BDO’s strategy, especially for clients who prefer in-person transactions or require assistance with complex financial products. The integration of digital services within branches ensures a seamless transition between online and offline banking experiences.

BDO pursues a physical + digital strategy as part of mitigating the Philippines’ high vulnerability and risk to climate change. Whenever there is a disaster such as a super typhoon or heavy flooding, the first things to go are power and internet connection. In such cases, digital banks are not available, but BDO’s physical branches can provide affected communities with cash to buy food, medicine, or a means to get out of the disaster area. Currently, BDO has 1,729 branches and is looking to add more this year, especially in underserved areas.

“In BDO, aside from the usual Automated Teller Machine or ATM, we have our ‘Automated Tao Machine’. We go to areas where the internet signal is hard to come by. We go to the markets so that people who can’t leave their stalls can do their banking transactions. We partner with community businesses, such as sari-sari stores so that customers can withdraw money from their BDO accounts in these stores. We understand that the needs of our clients will differ from region to region, so we create different banking solutions depending on their particular needs,” added Tancongco.

A significant focus of BDO’s phygital approach to banking is to enhance financial inclusion. By integrating physical and digital banking, BDO demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, offering accessible, reliable, and inclusive financial services to help Filipinos achieve their financial goals with ease and confidence.


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