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Posts published by “Patrick Guasa”

Bayanihan Heal as One: Explained

Senate and Congress granted President Duterte powers to respond to the COViD 19 pandemic threatening our country. To carry out these powers, the president signed into law Republic Act 11469…

COVID-19 in figures

Let us do some math based on FACTS as posted on the internet. There are OFFICIALLY 106+ million Filipinos. COVID-19 incubates usually for 14 days in a person. There are…

Urban Ape | 1+1 = 11 (Part 4)

Bitcoin trading requires a dedicated internet connection with the highest bandwidth possible, using the fastest computer that you can afford. Using a slow connection and a slow machine, could easily…

Urban Ape | 1+1 = 11 (Part 2)

SELLERS and BUYERS OF GOODS (Sari-sari Store) 1. The reality of Trading (selling). When persons engage in trade, no trader can raise the price of goods beyond a certain level,…

Urban Ape | 1 + 1 = 11

When I was in 3rd grade, we would joke around with this equation, and laugh. This joke is for newly enrolled 1st graders who were having their first taste of…


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