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Posts published by “Patmei Bello Ruivivar”

Lifestyle writer

How to be a Rotarian in a pandemic

ROTARIANS are generally not deterred by pandemics. In fact, they see them as opportunities to serve their communities. So the corona virus did not slow Rotarians down. They just got…

Woodridge Park’s community market

One of the good things brought by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is the resurgence of community markets. For those of us cooped up in isolation while staying at home,…

My Davao | Davao’s community spirit is alive and well

The extended enhanced community quarantine has not dampened the community spirit of Davao City residents. In fact, it is thriving. And Exhibit A is the Davao Cluster Wars. Like everything…

My Davao | Women leading in crisis response

Men may dominate the airtime and screen time in most media outlets during this pandemic, but it is actually the women who are at the forefront of COVID-19 response in…


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