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Posts published by “Jesse Pizarro Boga”

Jesse Pizarro Boga is a writer who has keen interest in media literacy, sustainability, and sci-fi. He enjoys bacon and burpees.

Writing Detours | Keeping a good headspace

A neuro-psychiatrist shares insights on mental health in the time of COVID-19 It’s easy to succumb to fear, doubts, stress and anxiety when the world…

Writing Detours | Productivity at home

Work from home expert shares best practices The COVID-19 pandemic has sent office workers into uncharted territory: work from home (WFH) setups. This unexpected change…

Bikes to the rescue

Bike owners connect with health workers in need In a time when transportation becomes critical for health frontliners who need to keep working during the…

Writing Detours | What’s the #Haulternative?

Fashion hauls—videos or blogs where people talk about their shopping experiences and purchases—are a staple on the internet. They’re entertaining and informative because, in a…

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