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Posts published by “Ian Ray Garcia”

Lifestyle Writer

Wanderlust: Sunflowers bloom in Palm City

The helianthus, commonly known as sunflower, is called as such because during the day, its bloom would tilt and follow the direction of the sun.…

Wanderlust: A home for the weekend in Valencia

When someone mentions Valencia, I usually think of Lake Apo, Malingon and Alamay Falls, Pulangi River, verdant rolling hills, mountain ranges and chilly, sometimes, foggy…

Wanderlust: The house that cigarette built

The Aroma of “kretek” (cloves) welcomed us as we entered the main entrance of this stately Dutch colonial style House of Sampoerna in Old Surabaya.…

Wanderlust: Return to Puting Bato

In our previous day treks to Puting Bato, we usually take the Tayapok Trail, a shorter, less steep way to Puting Bato in the Island…

Wanderlust: Chinese New Year in the mountain

After the success of the Christmas Village at the Prayer Mountain in Tamayong, Calinan, perhaps the city’s most visited Christmas destination, reopened its doors last…

A new beginning

Today, residents of areas identified in the Bangsamoro Organic Law will go to their respective precincts to participate in the plebiscite that will decide whether…

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