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Egalitarian: As we demand, so shall it also be demanded upon us

2019, the year with many things to happen to chart the country’s future; the Midterm elections will either increase or decrease the allies of the President in both Lower and Upper House. With the expected change in leadership comes to the new seat of members of both Houses, the Federalism Agenda will remain a numbers game in both Lower, and Upper House expected to vote separately.

Egalitarian: Mindanao and potentials of inclusive funding


Last month, there had been news about MinDA to tap Islamic Finance as a source of funds for projects and programs under the Duterte Administration known as Build, Build, Build program. Using economic lens, this is the best strategy to wedge the infrastructure inequality, and addressing this after will force institutions to improve, and eventually, small economic dynamos will be created. The tiny economic dynamos, in turn, will create a demand for labor that is familiar with the locality. In the short run, the movement of labor will change which will diffuse migration to urban centers.

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