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2028 presidential polls now loom

Fellow media practitioner Allan Afdal Nawal in his Facebook post yesterday asked why the opposition is zeroing in its incessant attacks on Vice President Sara Duterte.

The answer is simple. The opposition knows that VP Sara is the most likely candidate for President in the next Presidential elections. Therefore the opposition hound dogs are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at VP Sara’s direction to make sure that when the time comes she would already be painted black.

Talking of the opposition’s scathing attacks on the Vice President with losing Presidential candidate Leni Robredo, Sen. Riza Hontiveros, Partylist Rep. France Castro and another Partylist representative supposedly representing the youth sector as “anchor persons,” it appears the mouthpieces have mastered the name calling game to describe the Davaoeno Vice President to her worst. The latest that we came across in their posts was the supposed discovery of a new breed of eagle in Davao City. The new “discovery” is that of a “money-eating eagle.”

Clearly the opposition statement was alluding to Sara. It is probably because the “anchors” soundly failed to unnerve the Vice President in their questioning the propriety of her office’s proposed confidential funds.

Knowing the Vice President as early as in her first few years in politics in Davao City, she is not one that backs out from a good fight. For certain, in the months and years to come before the next Presidential polls, there will be nasty catfights along the way.


With what is transpiring these days there is this likelihood that the opposition will be fielding an all-women presidential and vice presidential tandem. Our take is that former candidate Robredo will be pushed to take another crack at the Presidency. And her most likely VP candidate is Senator Hontiveros. This scenario is already showing in the political horizon.

On the other hand, Sara who is clearly the administration front-runner will likely be eyeing whoever is the pet of the President who’d be coming either from north-central Luzon or the Visayas. But we have this feeling that both Senators Mark Villar and Sherwin Gatchalian will be waiting conspicuously on the wings.

But of course 2028 is still five years away and many things can still happen. As they say, in politics there are no permanent friends.What is permanent is personal interest. So Filipinos will have to keep themselves on their toes for the possibility of this development. It may or may not happen. Experience however, will tell us that such a situation is not a remote possibility.


What is happening to our City Col. Alberto Lupaz? Of late crimes have been observed to spike to the level of what many call as “alarming” state.

Still what happened in Calinan is fresh in the minds of the people. A lady architect was raped and killed after she was abducted while waiting for a ride to her home less that a kilometer away from where she was waiting.

Then there were the abductions of alleged suspects. One was eventually killed after an apparent torture. The other is still missing. Earlier, the law enforcers arrested a suspect who turned out to be the wrong person. And the police called the rape-slay case “closed.” All those happened in just a matter of one month. Then, later there was a grenade throwing incident also in Calinan which killed one person. And just this week, two robberies were perpetuated by still unidentified suspects in the Talomo Police station area of responsibility.

It is this kind of situation in the city’s peace and order that we cannot blame some Davaoenos to start doubting the claim that we used to pride ourselves – we are in the top ladder of the list of the country’s safest city.


We are at a loss thinking how the Davao City Water District (DCWD) communicators understand the word “rotational” in their scheduling of water service interruptions. From what we had experienced lately, the time that our barangay in Tugbok district is scheduled to have water we ended up without water. Then the hours that supposedly we will be having water outage we get water with hardly enough pressure to fill our glasses or container on time. And there was even some days when there was not a single drop coming from our faucets when we are slated to be allocated the precious liquid.

Honestly, we cannot help but doubt as to the communicators’ concept of a rotational service interruption. As to their claim that the Riverside water service system facility is now fully operational but only waiting for the desired pressure to be attained to have the distribution in its peak, we can only ask, “How long will it take”? It’s been over a week now that the Riverside service areas are in this situation. We feel that as consumer we have the right to know.



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