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Consul General of Malaysia Mr. Deddy Faisal Bin Ahmad speech at High Tea Reception in honour of MTCP Alumni

Speech of Consul General of Malaysia Mr. Deddy Faisal Bin Ahmad at High Tea Reception in honour of MTCP Alumni

Hon. Ashary Banto,TESDA Regional Director for Region 11, represented by Hon. Adonis Culas, TESDA Provincial Director for Davao del Sur, His Excellency Assistant Secretary Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa of the Department of Foreign Affairs represented by Ms. Amor Bayog, Mdm.Marilou Ampuan, President of Philippine Halal trade and tourism, MTCP alumni from the offices of Central Bank of the Philippines, Department of Education, Philippine Mining Development Corporation, BARMM Government, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished MTCP alumni from the Philippines, Maayong hapon / Maayong Pag – abot

It is my utmost honour to welcome all of my distinguished guest to this esteemed gathering we are having today. This is my first time addressing the alumni members from Davao City as I just arrived in October last year to assume this post as the Malaysian Consul General.

Today, we welcome members of the MTCP alumni community, friends and colleagues from across the city to meet one another, share memories and achievements, and to celebrate the successes of the Malaysian government’s flagship scholarship scheme – MTCP.

The MTCP has been instrumental in strengthening the bond between Malaysia and countries around the world. The global MTCP alumni community has reached quite incredible heights.

Worldwide, MTCP has a membership of about 14,500 alumni around the globe. This is a network to treasure and to be proud of, consisting of professionals from every walk of life and region across Philippines.

Since the launching of MTCP in 1980s, it has benefited over 1,000 civil servants consisting of passionate individuals who are engaged in world issues, respondent to global challenges, intent on deepening knowledge and understanding between Malaysia and Philippines, and who contribute towards the future successes and strengthening of our bilateral relationship.

Last year alone, a total of 81 MTCP Short term online courses and a graduate scholarship were offered to the Philippines. 3 of such courses were specially designed for Philippines :-
(i) Executive Certificate in Islamic Banking Managenemt
(ii) Executive Certificate in Takaful Management Programme and
(iii) Integrating ICT in English Language Training and Learning for

Southern Philippines (designed for teachers in Mindanao)

The MTCP has long been recognized as a pillar of international collaboration, promoting knowledge exchange, capacity building, and sustainable development across a wide range of sectors. Through its scholarship programs, technical training, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, the MTCP has created a platform for individuals like yourselves to gain invaluable expertise and skills in various fields, contributing to the overall progress of our nations.

The benefits of the MTCP are far-reaching and multi-faceted. It has provided a remarkable opportunity for Malaysians and Filipinos to learn from one another, share best practices, and exchange ideas.

The program has created a vibrant network of professionals and experts from both countries, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and understanding that transcends borders. The relationships formed through the MTCP have proven to be enduring, leading to collaborative efforts that have resulted in remarkable advancements in various sectors.

Distinguished alumni, MTCP has played a significant role in driving economic growth and promoting sustainable development in both Malaysia and the Philippines. The knowledge and skills gained through the program have empowered individuals to make meaningful contributions in their respective fields, thereby enhancing productivity, efficiency, and innovation. This, in turn, has a positive ripple effect on our economies, creating new opportunities, generating employment, and promoting inclusive growth for all.

And not to be forgotten, the MTCP has also been instrumental in addressing common challenges faced by our nations, such as poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, and healthcare improvement. The program’s focus on technical cooperation and capacity building has equipped participants with the necessary tools and expertise to devise innovative solutions to these challenges. By leveraging the knowledge gained through the MTCP, alumni like yourselves have the power to effect transformative change, both at the individual and societal levels.

Furthermore, the MTCP has fostered a deep sense of cultural understanding and appreciation among participants. The program’s emphasis on cultural exchange and immersion has allowed individuals to experience the rich diversity and heritage of both Malaysia and the Philippines. This cultural exchange has nurtured a spirit of tolerance, respect, and unity among alumni, reinforcing the bonds between our nations and fostering long- lasting friendships.

Distinguished alumni members, As esteemed alumni of the MTCP, you are the torchbearers of its mission and vision. Your experiences, achievements, and contributions speak volumes about the program’s effectiveness and impact. I urge each and every one of you to become ambassadors for the MTCP, sharing your success stories and the immense benefits you have derived from this program. By spreading the good word, you will not only inspire others to follow in your footsteps but also strengthen the ties between our nations and encourage further collaboration.

In concluding my speech, allow me again to reiterate, the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme has been a transformative force, bringing Malaysia and the Philippines closer together and empowering individuals to make a positive difference in their respective fields. The benefits of the MTCP are immeasurable, extending beyond academic and professional growth to encompass cultural understanding, economic development, and sustainable progress.
As alumni member, you have the power to amplify the impact of the MTCP by sharing your experiences and advocating for its continued success. Let us stand united in promoting and nurturing a future of closer cooperation, prosperity, and friendship between Malaysia and the Philippines.
Daghang salamat. Thank you.

Speech delivered on May 18, 2023, Malaysian Consulate

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