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ROUGH CUTS|The mayor has to say something

THE DAVAO City Police Office (DCPO) announced the other day that it was creating a body whose responsibility will be devoted solely to the investigation and identification, and eventually arrest of the suspect in the heinous rape-slay of a lady architect from Durian Village in Calinan, one Vlanche Marie Bragas. 

Bragas’ almost half-naked body was dumped in a canal of a banana plantation in Dacudao, Calinan district. The task group is headed by Col. Thor Valiente Cuyos of the PNP Regional Director’s Office. Lupaz himself will co-chair the special probe body.

The suspect/s covered Bragas’ body with dried banana leaves to conceal the cadaver from potential finders. After the autopsy on the victim, according to the statement released by the DCPO, it was confirmed that the hapless lady architect was raped and later killed by choking. Very grotesque crime perpetrated by an animal/s masquerading as a human.

DCPO director Col. Alberto Lupaz said that as of late the other day, no suspect or suspects had been identified, and the police are still tracking the owner of the tricycle (Ongbak) the victim rode on her way home from the main highway.

Possibly as of Thursday, the police already sensed that the crime could be hard to investigate, considering that so far, no witness has come out making a more detailed lead to identify the tricycle, its owners, and the driver. Hence, the DCPO chief decided to form the Special Investigation Task Group Bragas (SITG-Bragas).

We can only hope that the SITG-Bragas will be able to accomplish its mission as fast, or even faster, than the one created for the tracking of the gunmen and the alleged mastermind in the killing of a young model at a Mintal subdivision shortly before the close of 2022.

We have already heard and read so much of rape cases in Davao City over the last few months, and somehow, not one suspect was arrested. And sadly, the number of rape cases does not even include those unreported because of the victim’s and parents’ fear of the stigma and shame of having the misfortune of getting victimized by this kind of crime.

What has our young mayor Basti Duterte got to say about this kind of rising number of rape incidence now immersing the city in the muck? For certain, Davaoenos are waiting for the mayor to say something that can assuage the growing fear of young women and their parents.


What is Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio up to with her unexpected announcement of quitting the Lakas-CMD Party, the political group that was her vehicle in filing her certificate of candidacy for the second highest position in the land in the May 2022 election?

Whether or not it has something to do with differences in governance policy or just a matter of securing better political leeway, her action will always be made the subject of political intrigues not just from the opposition but also from her own group who may have an interest in creating a gap in her relations with the President.

By this time, the intriguers and the lackeys of those who are strongly anti-administration are likely cooking up the worst that they can do to take advantage of the situation. We hope the VP is not mistaken about her move. 

Let us see, according to the late Davaoeno Senator Landring Almendras. 


Now, this is something worth watching in the markets of Davao City. That is, the scheme adopted by some fish stall owners/vendors in General Santos City is immersing the sliced tuna meat in the pigs’ blood to make it appear fresh and newly cut from the whole fish.

Indeed taking advantage of hapless consumers is not just a big business monopoly. It is a form of deception by even the smallest of ambulant vendors just to have bigger profit.

In Davao City, we know of an establishment that caters primarily to local and foreign tourists. It makes sure the firm corners the visitors’ money. If one goes on a day tour, he or she has to agree on a package deal. If he/she goes there in the morning and wants to stay until late in the afternoon, lunch and snacks are packaged at the entrance cost, or more aptly, the other way around.

We are not saying that this one is cheating the customers. But this is one brilliant business strategy, especially so if the visitor intends to see what is inside the establishment compound.


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