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HONORING MY MOTHER: Behind all your stories

SUDDENLY, I have noticed more than half of the video reels I received on my social media for the past few days have mostly been about affirmations. You know, those types that (for example) proclaim if you listen to this one musical note for several seconds, you’ll receive sudden blessings the next morning. Or if you listen to and save a particular message, you will become a recipient of cash or good luck in the next few days.

Almost like a digital fortune cookie, these new come-ons. Yet, a word of warning: some of these posts also come with hidden threats like, if you ignore this particular message, then it’s best to prepare yourself because karma is a b__. As plain as can be, with no sugar-coating, that’s really how it’s worded.

Not too long ago, a fellow musician told me about these supposed-new age methods that reinforce positive thinking.  Since then, I must have heard and read it so many times, but only quite recently on social media. 

In a nutshell, the gist is clear: if you think about negative things, that’s all you’ll ever attract, negative things. On the other hand, if one only focuses on having a positive outlook, not only will that bring in all the good your way, that mindset will likewise attract good company for you too.

I know some who like to tread along the lines of “What have I got to lose?” So, they just play along anyway. Inasmuch as I want to believe, the little devil in me always begs to ask, what’s the catch? What are those people who propagate these algorithmic online probes getting from all these?

Then, I remembered. It happened one night; I was attracted to a Tibetan chime that promised me it would bring in a good night’s sleep if listened to for a few seconds. What have I been thinking? I even went as far as saving it in my ‘Only me’ folder!  By tracing back that far, I’ve no more questions now, your honor. It’s affirmation galore parading as fast as I could swipe left. 

Even if I right-clicked and answered the pop-up query, ‘Why am I seeing this?’, then ticked that I didn’t want such messages in the future, it was already too late. I’ve sealed my online fate. Yet, as online algorithms go, when it rains, it pours.

Now I know why whenever I tag or send a link to my partner on any topic that might interest her or both of us, she never opens them. What she does instead is to ask me when she comes home later, “What was that about?”

What follows is like a worn-out script: like a little boy who’s been naughty, guess who’s reprimanded for clicking “Likes” as though they were individual bubble wraps one pops with glee. Bop.


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